13 years, 3 months ago

Good Vibes and “Love” for EA at Troux Conference

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I love EA

It was a day of music, intense networking and joint learning with a focus on delivering rapid results from EA – quickly. The site: the Austin Four Seasons hotel, as more than 350 Troux customers and industry experts shared their passion for forging the connection between IT and the business through enterprise architecture.

For example: 

  • Warren Ritchie, CIO of the Volkswagen Group of America, arguing that organizations that are better able to describe themselves (through initiatives such as EA) can more easily adapt to market opportunities. For example, VW has already used the knowledge gained through its EA initiative to ease the move to a new service provider and implement new projects more quickly. Read the transcript on Todd Biske’s blog post.
  • Imran Qayyyum, enterprise architect at Cisco Systems, describing how after one quarter of effort he is using EA to identify unneeded applications that are wasting money or raising operational risks because they are based on old or unsupported technology. Check the transcript from Todd
  • Sherry Jordan, portfolio manager and enterprise architect at Cummins, explaining how her EA effort has moved from being seen as a “traffic cop” that blocks progress to a true driver of improved IT governance. Check the transcript from Brenda Michelson

Troux CEO David Hood got a laugh when he flashed a slide saying “I love EA.” But half an hour after the last session clumps of EA fans were still in the main ballroom, arguing and brainstorming over how to transform EA from an “ivory tower” exercise into a vital bridge that helps the organization cut costs and increase business agility.

Sure, there was talk of frameworks, application inventories and IT governance. But networking expert Thom Singer, who made two stirring presentations encouraging attendees to meet and help each other, summed it up when he noted that everyone “wants to be significant” in their work and professional lives. That drive to be significant and make a difference ran through all 17 of the day’s sessions, many of which were standing room only. Away from the formal sessions and under the bright Austin sun, attendees clustered to share the highs and lows of their own EA journeys.

So it was a strong first day for the Troux user conference, with a lot of energy and sharing among current and prospective users. Thom Singer must be proud of us.