13 years, 3 months ago

Cutter Report – How to Measure Success: Use EA to Define Architecture

I have just read the Cutter Report by Michael Rosen on the success or otherwise of enterprise architecture. 

Here are some points that struck me as interesting:

77% report that they have architectural models representing their current state. Somewhat fewer, 56% report that they have models representing their future state. This could indicate that many organizations have more of a focus on managing complexity, which requires a good understanding of the current state and less focus on alignment/strategy.

organizations with a disdain for agile (no integration) report the highest percentage of overall EA effectiveness”

37% of EA organizations have no way to measure EA success

6%, have a mature and well-established program

There are many more interesting insights into the current state of EA but I think I would get in trouble if I relayed more of them…