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Achieving Operational Excellence

In my post last Monday, I discussed that if you leverage enterprise architecture (EA) disciplines and solutions during the business process design phase of your business process management (BPM) projects you can better discover what your best practices are.  However, establishing visibility into your operations, and understanding how and why the top performers and departments in your organization have more productivity and success than their counterparts, is only the first step in achieving operational excellence.  

To achieve and maintain excellence throughout your enterprise, collaboration and process improvement must be constant.

Once you have captured and deployed the best practices discovered during the design phase, collaboration must continue to be fostered.  Process improvement cannot be viewed as a one-time event.  To achieve the agility that you need today, your organization must continue to evolve and improve processes, adapt them quickly when opportunities and challenges arise, and leverage technologies that allow you to continue to build on the collective intelligence and insights of your organization’s top performers.  When your systems support rapid development and deployment, your organization has the ability to continually innovate and better respond to change whether it comes from internal or external forces, like competitor’s actions or new regulations.

By uniting the people who know how to get work done most effectively with people who need to know on a continuous basis, your organization will have a deeper understanding of its strengths, weaknesses, process gaps and redundancies.  Seeking continuous feedback on how to continue to evolve and improve processes is a critical part of building a culture of operational excellence.  In fact, there are technologies that enable multiple users in your organization to communicate, collaborate and make process improvements anytime, anywhere.  This ensures that the right people with the right knowledge are involved achieving operational excellence.

There is untapped knowledge and excellence in your organization.  The most successful companies are deliberate about identifying excellence and ensuring it becomes part of the operational model.

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