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Generics on governance and maintenance

Link: http://enklare.wordpress.com/2011/07/12/generics-on-governance-and-maintenance/

There are of course as many different ways of organizing the governance and maintenance of anything as there are organizations. Here is however a pattern that can be used to start the process of creating the overall GoM structures. I’d like to specifically point to the layers used. The layering in this model is the most important technique used to generate a deeper although focused dialog and discussion between the parties setting up the GoM. If there are other information structures that one would like to discuss and agree upon then there is no problem adding those as layers.

What would trigger the set up of an organization like this is that someone somewhere has decided that:

  • we need a deeper understanding and order to our organization and its resources
  • there is time to construct something new that they want the organization to govern and maintain
  • we would like to source parts or wholes from different suppliers

GoM = Governance -> object <- Maintenance

An overview of a use of the GoM pattern for the workspace domain

This overview is not a complete overview as it only address four parts of the complete GoM for the workspace domain. What it does though is show the relationship between these four organizations that together deliver the workspace to the user. If one walk from left to right:

  • the first vertical is the delivery of the workspace as a whole to the end user
  • the second vertical is the delivery of the locations, materials and supplies
  • the third vertical is the delivery of the applications
  • the fourth vertical is the delivery of the infrastructure aka technology

This looks like a lot and would create one huge organization if used across all possible GoM’s out there! Yes it would appear so, but alas that is not the whole truth. The thing to note here is that verticals three and four are supporting verticals to most vertical one GoM’s that you can come up with, so that structure will be recycled. Vertical two is also re-used a lot. Vertical one is a singular GoM, one of which you will have many in your organization.

To make this type of model even more complete entails adding more verticals. One would do that by using the same basic vertical pattern.

Now get out there and start organizing for success!
And if you need help send me an email.