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Recent Active Information Writing: Crash-proof code, data lessons & infographics

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For the last few months, I’ve been hunkered down applying my SOA, active-information and execution skills on a [redacted] project for an organization in the [redacted] industry.  It’s a cool project.  But, it seriously stymies my writing.  First, I can’t write about it.  Second, I don’t have time to write, or hardly think, of anything else.

So, for me — a so-called low metabolism writer — it’s a good thing I was previously contracted to write for Esther Schindler at the HP Input Output site.  Over the last few weeks, I’ve published  the following Active Information posts:

Crash Proof Code:

“As digital emitters and sensors pervade the physical world – carsbridges, medical devices — the opportunity to exploit active information patterns for business and societal innovation increases exponentially.

However, with technology-driven innovation comes risks.  The most cited risk associated with digital pervasiveness is lack, or even absence, of privacy.  But those of us with development and engineering backgrounds realize there is another, potentially more significant risk.  Bugs…” [Read the post.]

Lessons from US CIO Vivek Kundra: Data-driven innovation:

“Buried between tech bubble talk in the most recent Fortune Magazine is a good interview of Vivek Kundra, US CIO.  The interview is a retrospective on Kundra’s term as the first CIO of the US…

…The interview covers a lot of ground, including Kundra’s Cloud First technology plan [pdf], being stymied by bureaucracy, the power of data for transparency and publishing data to spur innovation…”  [Read the post]

Big Data as Story Teller — Story of Big Data:

“…Too often, we geek types think about visibility in terms of business analytics and intelligence tools.  However, an interesting, and very powerful technique is data visualization.”  [Read the post.]

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