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VPEC-T'ing my website for @thoughttrans

Link: http://taotwit.posterous.com/vpec-ting-my-website-for-thoughttrans

Here’s my ‘VPEC-T Scan Lite’ …

  • VPEC-T’ing the 5Di website
  • Values
  • Added ‘First Engagement’ wording up-front to demonstrate we align Values of the CIO and Chief Architect
  • More focus on What we do than How we do it!
  • Greater consideration for Management Theory X-thinkers
  • Added Outcome examples to convey Value delivered
  • Made tablet friendly – many use an iPad or similar as their default web access device
  • Policies
    • Added Creative Commons License
    • Convey a greater sense of our Policy-drafting skills
    • Added ‘Policy’ related wording in the FAQ – soft policy – ‘light constraint’
  • Events
    • Added wording to convey a sense of pace and iterative working style (Transformative Events)
    • Added taotwit Twitter feed to add to sense of unfolding discussions
    • Added wording around our expertise in Event Processing with a link to an example of our design patterns in action
  • Content
    • Made less busy
    • Improved graphics to help convey our design thinking and focus on simplified communication
    • Added location map
    • Made slightly more ‘active’
    • Give a sense of ‘pace’ by addition of a slide show on the Homepage
  • Trust
    • Confidence
    • Added example outcomes up-front
    • Added explicit link to VPEC-T Wikipedia entry
    • Addressing issues that CIOs are Concerned about – more pace and pragmatics in the messaging
    • Updated client and partner graphics
  • Relationships
    • Added Associates & Advisors
    • Added taotwit Twitter feed for a more personal engagement
    • Added photos – cartoon style fun but could give the impression of ‘hiding’


    Nigel Green

    5Di Ltd.
    Mobile: +44 (0)7818  53 22 43
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