9 years, 3 months ago

EA & CIOs: State of the Union

Link: http://resources.troux.com/blog/bid/80731/EA-CIOs-State-of-the-Union

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Nearly 70% of CIOs today are focused on developing IT strategies to accelerate business goals, according to the latest CIO Magazine’s annual “State of the CIO” survey.  Yet, with a still skittish economy, mounting global competition across almost every business sector, and unrelenting cost predescribe the imagessures, CIOs are in a real battle to innovate, foster agility, and drive real business results throughout the enterprise.  


To deliver on these goals, CIO’s are increasingly turning to Business Technology Management and Enterprise Architecture to provide a foundation for unified decision making between IT and the business.


Is EA finally moving to the CIO leadership table?


Find out in this exclusive webinar, hosted by Bill Laberis from CIO Magazine. Bill will share the latest data from CIO Magazine’s annual “State of the CIO” survey and moderate a discussion around these challenges and opportunities for EA along with Frank Malta, executive director and chief architect at pharmaceutical giant Merck, and Craig Dalton, VP of Services at Troux.

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