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Business success – It’s all about choices

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BLOG - ChoiceNo business is an automaton whereby, once started, it will continue to operate unsupervised.

It will always be the case  that situations, either internal or external, will arise or can be anticipated that will require the human element to provide appropriate and timely responses.

Any response, if it is to be in the best interests of the business, will always involve the making of a reasoned choice.

  • Will I or won’t I do something?
  • What are the options open to me?
  • Why would I choose one option over another?
  • What order should I do these in?

In making a choice between competing options it is essential that sufficient information be available.

 With insufficient information the choice made may not be optimal.

Equally important is having sufficient information so that an identification of appropriate options can be made.

An Enterprise Architecture is a repository of information that can be used to both identify options and then support the choice of selecting between them.

With the gathering of suitable measures on how the business operates an analysis of the impact of adopting one option over another can be made.

The ability to provide a quantitative assessment of the merits of one choice over another, whilst also being able to explore the effect of its selection across the business, increases the confidence that the ‘right’ choice will be made.

Running a business is all about choices.

Having and maintaining an Enterprise Architecture maximises the chances that the choices made will be in the best interests of the business.