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Ring the Bell – Philly Here We Come!

Link: http://www.sysflow.com/blog/ogphl/

We are proud and excited to announce that once again we will be presenting at the Open Group Conference, this time in Philadelphia!

We always find the Open Group Conferences to be insightful and informative.  We also look forward to the opportunity to commiserate with other practitioners on the common trials and tribulations of enterprise and solution architecture – sharing both victories and battle wounds.

The theme of the Philadelphia conference is “EA & Enterprise Transformation in Finance, Government & Healthcare,” and (right from the Open Group press blurb):

At this event, you will discover how organizational change is being addressed by industry experts in aligning business needs with information technology, and increasing business value from EA (Enterprise Architecture).  You will gain the tools and knowledge you need to introduce meaningful Enterprise Transformation.

This one really resonates for us as it hits the sweet spot of our industry expertise and the topic is one we find ourselves entangled in on a daily basis: business value is the name of the game.  I will be presenting with a colleague, Matt Daniels, in the Business Transformation Stream on Tuesday, July 16, at 4:45pm, the coveted “keep them awake” time slot! :)   It is a case study of enterprise architecture as a catalyst for business transformation –

Establishing a Partnership with your Business

Enterprise Architects have been advocating for a seat at the business strategy table since the dawn of, well, enterprise architecture. In many cases even getting a clear understanding of the business strategy is a challenge, let alone participating in its formulation. By establishing partnership with the business, EA can better understand and even influence the business strategy, thus enabling IT to more effectively empower businesses goals and objectives. More importantly, EA can extend beyond the technology boundary and take an active role in transforming the business. This is a case study of a step by step approach for building such a partnership at a top 15 US bank.

We hope to see you in Philly – please flag us down and say hello if you make the trip.  We should be easy to spot as we will be wearing our traditional “parking cone” inspired shirts.  If you will be unable to make it in person, please join us on twitter.  We will be tweeting away during the conference, as is our custom (looks like the hash tag for the conference is #ogPHL).

If you’d like to check out the presentation, you can find it here.

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