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Searching For A Better Answer?

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Ben Geller, VP Marketing, Troux

google day 091013 blogI read over the weekend that Google recently turned 15 years old. While the exact date the search giant came into existence is essentially a matter of opinion, and the company moves the celebration each year to a convenient date, reflecting on the accomplishments of this organization since 1998 never ceases to impress.

Any business 101 course will tell you the foundation of a solid company is to solve a problem (like answering any question you can possibly dream up), for a cost that people are willing to pay (how about free?). The team at Google, or “Backrub” as it was first called, created a tool that allowed people to discreetly ask the genie behind the curtain anything they wanted. And the tool only got better and better as the vast amount of data on the Web grew exponentially over time.

The Google search engine now logs an average of 2 billion searches daily. The company name is commonly used as a verb for asking the Internet about anything from when John Zachman was born to how many EA frameworks exist (more than 40 according to wikipedia). Thinking back to what was not so long ago in the grand scheme of existence, answering these types of questions would require hunting down a wise human expert or heading to the reference section of the library. Hardly instantaneous, particularly if your needs were time sensitive.

While we would not suggest our brand be recognized with consumer innovation powerhouses like Google, at Troux we have similarly invented a better way of doing things in our own world.  Like Backrub and its “webcrawler” providing visibility across the internet, Troux provides visibility and important insights from across the entire enterprise. Consumers use search engines to find answers and at Troux we provide answers to our customers’ complex business questions and show the impact decisions will have before they are implemented.  This means enterprise leaders can make smart decisions about business and technology strategy.

However, we’re more than just a search tool, Troux EPM Solutions take it one step further to show enterprises where to make better business and technology decisions , while optimizing for maximum agility, minimum cost and minimum risk. Rather than being based on an ever changing secret algorithm, our technology is designed to provide the best visibility and answers for aligning your technology environment with the strategic needs of your business.

Now if someone could take the power of Google’s search engine and answer the age of old question of which came first Business Process or Business Capability– that would really change the world. For now, at Troux, we’ve got the important business decisions covered so you can focus on weeding through the 16.8 million results returned on your search for “EA best practices.”

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