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LeanCoach. Define – Projectteam

What is it?
The project team is a group of people who are going to take up this improvement project. By choosing team participants wisely, you can create the right balance of fundamental knowledge. Besides, by involving users from the workfloor, you create ambassadors and a foundation for acceptance of future solutions. Also, the role of the sponsor is determined in this phase. It is a good idea to already get some people involved who, although not part of the project team, are valuable, knowledgeable contributors to the project. It is important that all people involved in the project are motivated and sufficiently available.

Getting started

  1. Appoint the project leader. This is often already determined at the Project start.

  2. Involve one or a few people who work within the process on which the project will be focused.

  3. Depending on the project theme, you need specific expertise. Make sure any necessary experts are on board.

  4. Be sure to have at least one project sponsor. The sponsor is responsible for the projects means and time available. The project result is delivered to the sponsor, who carries responsibility for further implementation. A good sponsor should be high-up enough in the organization to take decisions regarding the project, and low enough to have some practical knowledge about the process.

  5. Kick off the project with all team members (including sponsor). Make agreements about planning, time scheduling, reporting etc.

Tips and best practices

  • Make sure you have a good mix of various people on the team (experience, age, male/female). The ideal number of team members is between 5 and 8.

  • With the sponsor present, make team agreements about the individual efforts for this project.

  • Prevent bureaucracy and excessive paperwork. Make sure agreements about meetings and reports are in proportion with the scope and size of the project.


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