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Link: CEOs look toward disruptive technology more than CMOs & CIOs

Link: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/ElementalLinks/~3/Wfzcb649Eso/

I have to wonder if these CIOs are leery of backlash days (all in for alignment) when thinking tech-first, so don’t dare cite tech disruption over market factors:

“…now two years in a row, CEOs rank technology factors as the most important external force shaping the future of their enterprises. That’s ahead of market factors, macro-economic factors, people skills, regulatory concerns, and so on. And it’s up from being the 6th most significant concern to them back in 2004.”

“…What’s interesting in IBM’s report is that CEOs rank such threats and opportunities from technology higher than CIOs and CMOs”

Source: chiefmartec.com referring to recent IBM study: Customer Activated Enterprise
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