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Why EA needs to influence IT and the Business

Last week I talked about the differences between Service Catalog and Service Portfolio. This week is about the span of control Enterprise Architecture needs to have within an organization to be successful.

Everyone is well aware of the fact that Enterprise Architecture fails in many organizations. In order for EA to have a better chance of success and provide organizational transformation, it needs the ability to control or strongly influence more of the organization.

Today, technology is the cornerstone of most businesses and Operations has become an essential part of every organization. With the growing scope of IT, opportunities are being created for EA and now more than ever, EA needs to influence IT and Operations to ensure its success.

IT Past and Present 

The IT of yesterday was an organization that existed to support the business with network connectivity, communication and computers. Technology existed to enable the business to sell or provide a service.

Today, IT has evolved and is in charge of just about everything. In fact, most businesses would be unable to fulfill their mission or provide their services without IT. The scope of IT has grown and as IT places itself at the core of some businesses, great opportunities are created for EA. Nevertheless, EA has not enough influence over the business and/or Operations and most of those opportunities are lost.

EA will only get real power by being able to combine the insights of IT with the operational prowess of the business.


Operations is responsible for the overall health of the technology and services in an organization once IT plans and implements them.  With most businesses heavy reliance on technology and service today, operations touches every part of the business.  Whether or not technology is being used in a supporting role or part of the product and services being sold by a business, operational efficiencies have to be mandated.  It does not matter how great a product or service may be, if a customer cannot get support and resolution in a timely manner we fail.  IT and Operations have converged in support of technology to the point where one cannot exist without the other.

If EA can begin to influence Operations, the likelihood of success will increase exponentially.

Does Enterprise Architecture have control or influence of operations within your organization?

See you next week, same time, same place.


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