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Lessons Learned: A Look Back at Our 2014 Troux Worldwide Conference

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By: Ben Geller, VP Marketing, Troux

sticky 043014 (3) blogIt’s been a month since Troux hosted more than 200 customers at our worldwide conference in Austin to talk about ways to make enterprise architecture (EA) a must-have business capability. Now that everyone has digested their Texas BBQ and cleared out their inboxes, we’d like to reflect back on what attendees experienced at this year’s Troux Worldwide Conference.

What’s all the fuss about?

We started the Worldwide Conference four years ago to bring together customers, partners, and professionals involved in Enterprise Architecture (EA) for networking and joint learning with a focus on delivering rapid results with Troux Enterprise Portfolio Management (EPM) solutions. That event has become an annual function that drives EA discussions and a lot of knowledge sharing.

The theme for the 2014 conference was Making EA Stick and featured presentations from over a dozen Troux clients and partners. We were thrilled to welcome Amway, ANZ Bank, Apptio, Atos, BDNA, Dell, Fidelity Investments, HSBC, JetBlue, MetLife, Molina Healthcare, Saudi Airlines and VMware to share key learnings and outcomes achieved on their EA journey. In addition, the Troux team presented keynotes, demos and best practice sessions that walked attendees through how to use EA to drive strategic decision-making and business success.

Rather than tell you what we thought of the experience, we gathered some key conference takeaways from attendees:

Cary Brown, Molina Healthcare said:

  • Think in terms of business value: To align EA to business outcomes it is important that you think in terms of the problems you are solving for each area as if you worked there and demonstrate EA’s value every step of the way, making them equally as successful in helping the company achieve their goals.
  • Change your own processes where it matters most: Just because you’ve done something a certain way doesn’t mean you need to always do it that way. Your business changes and EA needs to change along with it.
  • Answer Important Questions: Once you know the chief challenges in your key business areas you can clearly identify the questions that need answering the most, then drive EA towards answering those questions.

Amway’s Dave Reinhard summed up his takeaways as:

  • Sharing experiences on EPM with companies navigating new and mature programs makes it a lot easier to put headlights on our own program and avoid potential problems.
  • Understanding comes with communication. Problems come without it.
  • There always seems to be just one more facet that I hadn’t thought of before.

In his blog, Intact Technology, 2014 Worldwide Conference, Corey Balko wrote:

Great architects should become great communicators. The common theme heard throughout the conference was how to communicate value back to the organization. There was no shortage of valuable data, but we need to understand that it is not about the data. The way we usually communicate is hurting us. We struggle with communicating the value of EA.

Read Corey’s entire blog post for a list of pitfalls to avoid and for tips on how to turn your data into a story that people want to hear.

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