6 years, 9 months ago

The Museum of Future Housing Tech

On June 24th I’ll be at House Party 2014 ’Curating’ a ‘Museum of Future Housing Technology’.

What is a museum of future housing technology?

Well, that is up to whoever visits the museum! The visitors will be creating the exhibits!

During the day visitors to the museum will have the opportunity to:

  1. Join a group of interesting people
  2. Share and discuss their problems and those of their customers
  3. Pick an interesting area or theme from the discussion
  4. Prototype a technology enabled solution to their problem. Each team will create a prototype of an idea using Post-it’s, paper, cardboard, plasticine, role play, video, storyboards and whatever else can be found lying around.
  5. The prototype will become an exhibit in the ‘Museum of Future Housing Tech’

Hopefully over the day we’ll build up an interesting and thought provoking collection of exhibits as together we explore how technology might help us solve problems for ourselves and our customers.

Sessions will run at set times throughout the day and will last approximately 30 minutes, so hopefully there be lots of opportunity to drop in and contribute to the museum and view the freshly created exhibits.

The end collection of exhibits will hopefully be

  • A representation of some key challenges that the housing sector faces
  • A manifestation of some interesting and innovative thinking about how technology might enable solutions to those challenges

Sound interesting? then if you haven’t already head over here to get your ticket.

Fancy helping out and/or contributing to the ‘Museum of Future Housing Technology’? then please get in touch here