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From Dread to Delight – Taking a Human Centred Approach to TOGAF®

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There are many different reasons why someone decides to become TOGAF® certified. As a trainer I aim not only to ensure you do well on your TOGAF® exam, but to guide you to a space where you can become facilitators of transformation within your companies.

I start this process by having you profile yourselves; I need to understand what your expectations are of the course, of me, and of each other. Do you just want to pass the certification exam or really nail it? Have you come with dread and apprehension or is it enthusiasm?

This approach is significant because TOGAF®-in-practice is about people and what concerns them. For some, the TOGAF® Specification may first appear to be a work of reference that’s dry, difficult to approach (and even dated in parts).  In my opinion TOGAF® is evidence of almost miraculous collaboration and profound thought over a long history that is continuing today.  It just needs a little encouragement to begin prospecting for the rich veins.  My objective is to show you how to use TOGAF® as a tool to unite teams within your company, and create a common language across business units.  While TOGAF® is an excellent framework that gives structure to the process of engaging, designing, planning and executing positive change; it can only deliver in the hands of someone with the right mindset and attitude.  In terms of the general principles of good architecture or design of any kind, TOGAF® is even better that it says in the book.

A little example:  I did an in-house TOGAF® course for a large financial enterprise with architects from several different business units within the organisation.  They had never taken the time to really talk to each other nor air their issues in a safe place.  Once they had opened up a little I sowed the seed for what might be possible, and by day three they were brainstorming revolutionary new practices for their workplace.  They simply had never considered uniting their teams, meeting on a regular basis and applying a common language for architecture across the organisation. By the end of the four days they realised that this activity would soon reveal how they were enabling the enterprise to sustain its strategic journey.

This example along with countless others proves to me that everyone of us has the ability to take a stand and move others in our organisations; I aim to liberate that ability and show you how to use it with the TOGAF® toolkit in your bag.

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