6 years, 8 months ago

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Architecture tools 2014

Last week Gartner launched Magic Quadrant 2014 for Enterprise Architecture. Always an exciting moment after an elaborate evaluation process! Of course, we are very proud of our leader position and view it as an acknowledgement of the business outcomes we help our customers deliver.

At BiZZdesign we see that organizations increasingly need to deal with high-impact transformations and time-pressured business improvements in a truly complex business and IT reality. This is why BiZZdesign believes that organizations should have the change capabilities to transform or improve their business to realize their mission. BiZZdesign supports customers building strong organizations by enabling business transformation and improvement by providing change capabilities through integrated solutions consisting of design tools, training, business consultancy, and best practices. Customers become capable of designing and implementing new business models, streamlining business processes to reduce significant costs, improving agility by rationalizing IT landscapes, etc., This is how BiZZdesign supports organizations in building a strong organization!

Companies in general understand the need for and importance of enterprise architecture (EA). Ten years ago, much effort was needed to convince management that architecture is indispensable in managing the complexity of any larger enterprise and was perceived as an IT discipline. Nowadays, enterprise architecture proves its value in supporting high-impact business transformation, realizing desired outcomes, and fostering enterprise agility, all in a time-pressured environment.

The contribution of EA is of course to be found in its relationship with other disciplines (marketing, organization, information, processes, etc.) within the enterprise, not within its own ivory tower or only focused on IT. A model-based approach to enterprise architecture description offers a solid foundation for analysis (feasibility and impact-of-change) and design, and provides the necessary linkage to other domains. It supports portfolio management with analyses needed to determine the expected value, cost and risk of various initiatives. It provides the necessary input for prioritizing and planning changes to the business and IT landscape. It gives organizations program-level coordination across the initiatives that realize these business improvements in a coherent manner. It provides necessary information for assessing and ensuring compliance with internal and external rules and regulations. Finally, it helps in tracking the realization of the expected benefits across the business and IT landscape, from strategic goal to operational result, and hence to correct your course if necessary.

Core in our vision is the use of well-founded methods and models, to support clear and objective decision making and rapid and risk-averting realization. Our approach is based on community-based innovation, and open standards such as TOGAF® and ArchiMate® are a key part of our offering. We strongly believe that working together with customers, competitors and research institutes on these open standards is the best (and perhaps only) way to help the field of Enterprise Architecture forward. From day one, BiZZdesign and I personally have been highly involved and have been investing a major part of our R&D in the development of TOGAF® and ArchiMate®. It is exciting to see an accelerating pace of the world wide adoption of these open standards by customers, tool vendors and consultancy firms. But the true success lies in the business outcome customers are attaining with these open standards.

Are these open standards the only way to success? No of course not; we see customers also being successful with other frameworks and approaches. The architecture based change capabilities of a company are far more important to the success than the framework or approach being used. Over the years we have been helping our customers and consultancy partners to improve these capabilities using our training and professional services. We do see that ArchiMate® and TOGAF® increase our customers’ ability to execute. Best-practices and reference models are more easily shared and implemented. Professionals with knowledge of these open standards can increase the architecture capability quickly.

Looking at the future we can certainly say that exciting times will come! The unstoppable trend of digitization of enterprises will have a huge impact. Business transformation and improvements are and will be all around us. BiZZdesign enables business transformation and improvement by providing change capabilities through integrated solutions consisting of design tools, training, business consultancy, and best practices. Our leading BiZZdesign Tool Suite, based on open standards and grounded in strong R&D, will help organizations to develop their change capabilities. Also in the coming months we will launch new revolutionary modules for enterprise portfolio management, decision management, and enterprise risk and security, enabling organizations to even better deal with their transformation.

So keep in touch with BiZZdesign to profit from our leading position, and increase your change capabilities with our integrated solution. Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others!