6 years, 7 months ago

BiZZdesign: One-Stop Shop for Building Your Enterprise Architecture Capability

As we have pointed out in a previous blog, organizations need to develop a coherent business transformation management capability, which aligns the various disciplines involved in change along desired business outcomes. Few organizations have a systematic and reliable way of translating business strategy into action across all relevant elements of the organization. Establishing such a practice requires appropriate ways of working, skills, and tools. BiZZdesign is the one-stop shop that helps you with establishing and maturing your change capability.

Successful enterprises manage their business transformations from an integral perspective in which EA is a key player, strongly interlinked with other fields. Key to a successful enterprise architecture practice is to focus on change and to be an integral part of this change capability of your organization. EA is an ‘enterprise knowledge hub’, integrating and sharing information on various structures across the enterprise. It provides you with relevant input for prioritizing and planning transformations, and gives you program-level coordination across value streams to realize these changes in a coherent manner; it helps you to track the realization of the expected benefits, and hence to correct your course if necessary.

We strongly believe in the role of formalized models to create this clarity and insight needed for decision-making, planning and execution of business change. We support international open standards such as ArchiMate and BPMN that offer clients freedom of choice. Appropriate software tools are indispensable to design, use, and manage such models. Of course, we recommend BiZZdesign Architect as your tool of choice. Our tool implementation projects are usually very short (at most one or two weeks). Clients that have experience with other EA tool implementations highlight the ease of implementing BiZZdesign Architect, indicating a lower TCO compared to our competitors.

But tools are just one element, and certainly not a silver bullet. Their effective use depends on the larger EA practice and change capability of your organization. At BiZZdesign, we help our clients in establishing and maturing such a change capability, with a pivotal role for enterprise architecture. To this end, we offer an integrated approach that combines consultancy, training, and software tools.

Our consultants assist their clients in establishing an outcome-driven change capability. Our aim is always to help our clients help themselves. We pragmatically employ practices from various methods and techniques, tailored to the specific situation at hand. Each activity and deliverable should add business value, and we take a ‘lean and mean’ approach to the use of established methods.

Of course, people make the practice. BiZZdesign Academy offers various courses to those involved in your change practice. This includes awareness sessions, simulation games and workshops for management; general courses on enterprise architecture, business architecture and related fields; training and certification on established standards such as TOGAF, ArchiMate and BPMN; hands-on instruction for tool users; and ‘soft skills’ training like interview techniques or facilitating workshops. All these courses are taught by our consultants, who can relate the course material to their and your daily experience in the field.

To illustrate this integrated approach, let us give you one example.

For a large public organization, BiZZdesign was involved in a major strategic change program after it originated from a merger of two similar organizations. For this purpose, the organization’s primary business processes needed to be redesigned, taking into account a post-merger rationalized application landscape. As one can imagine, this was a great challenge for the organization’s change capabilities. BiZZdesign supported the organization in this transformation on multiple disciplines.

Analyzing and rationalizing the application landscape

The consolidation of application landscapes has proven to be a challenge in many post-merger-integration efforts. The complexity of the landscapes of the pre-merger organizations, no matter how similar, provides difficulties in finding differences and similarities in the landscapes, let alone the differences and similarities of single components. BiZZdesign Architect helped our client in analyzing both landscapes, comparing them not only to find the differences and similarities, but also using metrics to find key components, analyzing cost and value, and thereby creating the most effective consolidated landscape, taking into account the primary business processes, which were redesigned in parallel efforts.

Redesign and implementation of business processes

Although the pre-merger organizations were very similar, both had their own way of working, including good and not-so-good habits. To stress the importance of a new way of working, BiZZdesign organized awareness sessions and simulation games for the consolidated management of the new organization, consisting of managers from both pre-merger organizations. The management support gained from these sessions created the foundation for consolidating and redesigning the primary business processes.

These processes were identified and prioritized, and redesigned piece-by-piece. BiZZdesign provided courses on Business Process Management and Lean Management for employees on the shop floor. Our consultants facilitated (re)design sessions that focused on the translation of the strategic goals of the new organization into manageable work packages for employees.

This integrated support resulted in better decisions across several disciplines at different levels in the organization, enabling a relatively smooth post-merger transformation with new strategic goals translated into redesigned business processes.

This example nicely illustrates how the elements of BiZZdesign’s offering reinforce each other: software tools to gain the necessary insight for solid decision-making, different means for training the staff involved at both the managerial and the operational levels, and hands-on support and advice in realizing the required transformation. Of course, we can also help you if you only need a tool, a course, or a consultant, but should you need more extensive and integrated support in building your change capability, we are here to assist you.