4 years, 6 months ago

It works, but do they love it?

Link: http://www.microea.com/2014/11/it-works-but-do-they-love-it.html

Great technical architecture isn’t it? After all, meets the business requirements, is modular, is robust and most importantly… is approved by the Architecture Review Board!! 🙂 LOL

Even though the above invention (errr.. architecture) looks ridiculous, it does represent the state of architecture and user experience of many a legacy applications today. I personally think that consumerization of technology is the best thing that happened to Enterprise Information Technology – we are forced to compete with slick, user friendly, consumer grade applications OR be relegated to back benches for good.

Source: Unknown. I saw it in a presentation and was inspired to use it. If you know the source, kindly let me know and I will promptly credit it here.