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Using the Capability Inventory for municipalities

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Using the Capability Inventory for municipalities

I was talking to Marino the other day and he told me he would like a special capability inventory for a municipality. I said that there is no need to have a special capability inventory, the basic pattern exposed in the original capability inventory should cover any organization. In fact he should just use the original one and perhaps add the elements that are missing. The basic pattern behind the capability inventory is to view every organizations output as delivering services. This view enables us to use the same basic elements across all organizations. I can relate to the fact that the pattern and elements looks unfamiliar because it does not follow the way one is used to visualize a municipality. To remedy any confusions I´ve designed a naïve example below.

Elaborating on the capability inventory for municipalities
Elaborating on the capability inventory for municipalities

In the example I´ve removed the elements in the envision and enable rows and focused on the engage row. The text in the capability elements are not capabilities rather they describe the activities one would perform using the capability to reach the business goals.

When you should use this

  • Whenever you set about using a capability model of your enterprise
  • Whenever you have a new business problem to consider

What you should consider when you use this

  • Using the capability inventory and mapping out the basic activities will give you a good hunch but it is not the complete constructs needed to design the business.
  • It took me about 15 minutes to whip up the example

Download note

I’m currently in a process of changing my presentation design (the images shows what the new design looks like) for all my work. When I’ve stabilized the design and applied it across all canvases and related material I’ll link up the powerpoint to Slideshare.

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