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Gathering useful information

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Studies with significant results often do not appear to be superior to studies with a null result with respect to quality of design. However statistically significant results have been shown to be three times more likely to be published compared to papers with null results. This also applies to all studies on architecture in the media, as well as on analyst papers and as such it is often very hard to gather useful information on subjects that are either not sensational or that will not push for a certain product or service.

Therefore in my view it is important to cultivate access to statisticians that are often the only other group looking for high quality studies regardless the outcome. Statisticians also have the added value that they will look for the bulk of non controversial research as they want to establish the median without spending their own time doing the research. Often This research is very helpful as it points out really stable trends away from those with a short shelf life. Often in my experience I have also found that many of these studies contain very useful and detailed information such as the average cost in industry for a given service and then even proof these numbers. This kind of additional information is then often proves very useful in the architecture work to give an edge on what I am doing.

So instead of of only looking for the right input as an architect from trade magazine, discussion groups or even from this blog sometimes something as boring as to cultivate contact with one or more statisticians can be more useful in time and money as the really great information is often hard to access as it is not useful to sell books, raise marketing or write about.

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