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The crux of comparing

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While doing our jobs as architects we often need to compare various options with each other. The standard comparisons we do are on different tools, structure or techniques. This kind of comparison is part of our job, however it is important that architects do not use the same kind of comparing in comparing themselves to other architects. Since architects often are strong and forceful personalties this mental comparison however sadly often occurs and is the reason that IT and business architects develop more mental health problems than other professions. 

It is important that we as architects understand enough on the self diagnosis on this mental health problem so that we can get professional help before social comparison leads us to disorders such as severe depression and suicide ideation. Social comparison is something that many of us think that we can control by sheer will power often forgetting certain inbuilt brain functions that can be triggered by to much social comparison. The mechanism builds on a lowering of level of serotonin that circulates through or brain. Mental systems that will occur can range from depression, sleeplessness, insomnia and similar conditions.

The reason that I bring this up in my blog is that I am aware of many architects, especially those that are active in the web. The really bad thing with social comparison bias how it is usually referred to is that it develops suddenly and often with very little warning. At least in the two instances I know of that went early to get some professional help (sadly they paid as the waiting list on their insurance would have taken them too long) got away quite well. In other cases I still know of people out of work after five years or others that are never returning to architecture. So next time you are searching for yourself on Google or call others to brag just think once more, as it may not be worth a long suffering.

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