6 years, 11 months ago

Customer preference

Link: http://www.etc-architect.com/?p=746

When people talk about customer preferences they very rarely talk about customer preferences, but more about their own agenda.

It us very easy to express a certain customer preference as a survey can be easily manipulated and many do not even bother with a survey, but instead use the good old self evident truth that saves any critical reflection.

If you truly want to create requirements or market demand from a customer preference you will need to ask for alternatives, such as if having this feature makes you OK to look at 25 min ads daily. or if we increase data in city hotspots you are OK that your phone coverage at home remains crap. The classical of all customer preferences for architects are the non functional requirements on availability, response and security. Here you will get the client preference of platinum deluxe as long as you do not put a ball park cost figure against it.

So when we as architects look at customer preferences we need to insist that they are in comparison, even if the alternative is to break the law, as it often turns around in speaking with lawyers that a lot of must have legal requirements are actually more suggestions than mandated law.

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