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The Healthcare Information Infrastructure Business Case

Link: http://organizational-economics.blogspot.com/2017/10/the-healthcare-information.html

Benefits of the Healthcare Information Infrastructure

Increased Utility of Information to the Customer (Patient)

The customer regulates access to his or her medical record
Healthcare information is Immediately available to healthcare professionals where and when the customer needs assistance
Better tracking of customer medical history
The healthcare information is 99.999999% secure from cyber attacks

Reduce Regulations

Little or no need for HIPA regulations and procedures with respect to the customer
Must reduce Obama Care, Medicare, and Medicaid processes and regulations to fully implement this infrastructure

Reduce Cost (10 to 30%)

Reduced paperwork by doctors and hospitals—a major cost driver
Reduced need for additional forms by customers
Automated information insertion into customer records means no need for duplicate testing
Better ability to audit all stakeholders in the infrastructure

Side Benefits

Increased access to summary data by researchers


Time to implement

Prototype Phase – about 2 Years
Pilot/Customer Acceptance Phase – about 1 Year
Build out – Initial Operating Capability (IOC) about 5 Years


Politicians, Doctors, Hospitals and Clinics, Pharmacies, Insurance Companies, and current Bureaucrats will not like it because of the way it effects their processes, procedures, and ways for making money
Remember: “The first instance of a superior principle is always inferior to a mature instance of an inferior principle”