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Found In Design at the London EACBPM Conference

Change Design: A Story of Digital Transformation
Nigel Green, Change Designer, 5Di Ltd
This is the story of how a major U.K. high street presence that is approaching their digital transformation, and the tangible business benefits of their cloud-enabled approach. This session will cover both business and technology architecture implications and will include how a traditional business can benefit from the design patterns, and technologies adopted by the born digitals (e.g. Netflix, Google, and Amazon).
Nigel will also introduce a set of easy-to-adopt Change Design tools & techniques that can help the Digital Transformation. He ll explain how he uses these tools every day; He helps both traditional firms and start-ups adopt the ways of the Digital-natives.

Part 1: Of Horses & Unicorns:  Traditional vs. Born-Digital.

Part 2: A Retail Story: What Would A Unicorn Do?

Part3: Found In Design: Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants.

NG Note: Oops, Dan Ward was in the U.S. Airforce not the Army!

Part4: Found In Design: A Creative Commons Community.

NG Note: Apologies for the lousey audio – it was the best I could do with my iPad propped up on the side!