3 years ago

EAPJ Special Edition Released: State of EA Survey Results and Findings

Link: https://eapj.org/eapj-special-edition-released-state-of-ea-survey-results-and-findings/

The Enterprise Architecture (EA) discipline is at a crossroads. Originally born from a need to understand the burgeoning cost and complexity of IT systems, it has changed substantially in execution and perception over its brief 30+ year history. Further complicating this evolution is the astonishing developments over that time in the prevalence and capabilities of technology adopted by organisations.

This has resulted in an increasing rate of change, with which those responsible for a company’s future must continually contend. As a result, there is an increase in the potential for EA-based approaches to align business and technology strategies, cut through the hype-driven promotion by vendors, and enabling a holistic view to be formed of the enterprise’s operations – including gaps and opportunities.

To meet the changing expectation of businesses, the EA discipline must also evolve. In late 2017, EA Principals and the Enterprise Architecture Professional Journal conducted a survey of EA practitioners. The intent was to establish a current state view of the practice, problems and potential future of the EA discipline, in order to better understand how the discipline is changing, and how practitioners see its relevance now and in the future.

In this Special Edition of the EAPJ Journal, we look at the results of the survey, and analyse what this might mean for the EA discipline. Head over to the Journal section of the website to view or download your copy.