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Our value proposition

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What is the highest you can achieve as an architect? To satisfy your customers? To make the optimal architecture for a problem area? Seeing the architecture through to implementation? Just give it a moment to think. What would make you really proud?

For us the biggest achievement is to take part of establishing an architecture practice that goes beyond the single architecture and the single architect. An architecture practice that creates value and alignment through architecture work, one that evolves with the organisation and one that creates and attracts the best architects.

This cannot be done by implementing the best modelling tool, setting up the right architecture board or installing the perfect documentation and review standards. It is a cultural thing. And culture is created not by single actions, but by actions that over time are consistent with a set of underlying values, principles and beliefs.

We have over some months stated our beliefs here and below is the value proposition of those – in fact we started with the value proposition and ended with the ten beliefs. The value belief goes as follows.

For leaders and architects

who sense a need for re-defining how we approach structured business change 

the Purpose Driven Architecture Beliefs is a foundation for a business value-driven practice that provides strongly connected and transparent business development guidance embedded in your business domain execution model 

that focuses on, 

  • cross-functional work where business-, information-, application- and technology architects are interdependent and all outcomes are achieved by enriching and validating each-others work
  • being embedded as a natural part in the execution model
  • architects across functions refining and planning their work in a common backlog with priority based on business strategy 
  • a purpose-driven modelling concept
  • nursing a practice based on iterative delivery in well-defined abstraction levels to enable repeatability, learning and “just in time” architecture delivery
  • local delivery in context of actual use
  • having the outset in understanding your business and building trustful relations based on repeated relevance in their language and business context 

Unlike much of today’s architecture effort being organised and prioritised in isolated architecture disciplines and anchored in ivory tower architecture execution models and governance fora, trying to “force feed” industry standards and review processes on enterprise level towards business who at best ends up seeing it as an IT initiative. 

our “product” (set of beliefs) is purpose-driven, contextualised, connected and embedded into the existing execution model

So that was theory, now comes practice!

In our next step we will reach out to our sounding board, colleagues and network to look for real-life scenarios and problems, that we can take into architecture therapy. This is how we want to challenge and develop our beliefs. We will keep you updated here at architecture-therapy.com

Thank you for reading so far. Please reach out to us if you have feedback or a challenge you want us to address.

If you have not read our beliefs, we suggest you start here Architecture Beliefs and why the matter

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