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Choosing the Best Fit Enterprise Architecture Tool | Ardoq

Link: https://www.ardoq.com/blog/enterprise-architecture-tool

Leaders in Enterprise Architecture and technology innovation must choose Enterprise Architecture software that aligns with their objectives to achieve lasting transformation, modernization, and innovation.

Deciding on an Enterprise Architecture (EA) tool is an investment that deserves dedicated time and effort to consider the best fit for the strategic initiatives in an organization. Not every tool works best for every team. Some tools require a big team to operate, while others are more agile and can be an effective tool for one-person teams.  Price can be a pivoting factor for some organizations, but Enterprise Architects need to consider the substantial time and resources needed to build out models and maintain data if they don’t invest in a dedicated tool. Therefore, when deciding on a tool, the big question is how a given Enterprise Architecture tool best meets organizational objectives.