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Generative AI and EA: Impact on Enterprise Complexity

Link: https://www.ardoq.com/blog/ai-enterprise-architecture

AI and Enterprise Architecture: A Five-Part Blog Series Unpacking the Good, the Bad, and the Dubious

The rise of AI is simultaneously exciting and terrifying. To have it amongst us now, changing how we work and live, opens what feels like a Pandora’s box of possibilities. Immense potential, but at what cost? And how will it continue to evolve?

These burning questions are just as pressing in the field of Enterprise Architecture. While there is no crystal ball with infallible answers, we do have the next best thing. Tapping over 40 years of combined practitioner expertise, this blog series “Generative AI and Enterprise Architecture” provides an in-depth perspective on how generative AI will reshape EA as we know it. Cowritten by Ed Granger and Ardoq’s Chief Enterprise Architect Jason Baragry, this blog will set the scene, introducing the five axioms that define EA.