12 years, 11 months ago

97 Things Every Software Architect Should Know

This is an interesting book, it is the collective wisdom of four dozen or so software architects, interestingly only two of them are women. This is not a book about architectural methodology it quite literally provides 97 points that the contributors feel will make you a better architect. The contributors’ wisdom is delivered in neat […]

12 years, 11 months ago

Integrated Governance

Is an approach to make your organization work better by creating a form of management that supports the various forms of governance and forms of planning. The literature review that you will be able to read by downloading the document from the provided link, deals with how Enterprise Architecture can enable an enterprise to achieve the […]

12 years, 11 months ago

Making Good Decisions

This is a first in what I hope will be a few blogs around the subject of architecture by influence. There are no shortage of people who are writing that enterprise architects can’t be successful unless they have some teeth, i.e. the ability to stop activities in their tracks that aren’t compliant with the architectural […]

13 years, 3 days ago

Maintaining a Service Mentailty

On Twitter, Brenda Michelson of Elemental Links started a conversation with the question: Do #entarch frameworks enable or constrain practice of (value from) enterprise architecture? In my comments back to Brenda, it became clear to me that there’s a trap that many teams fall into, not just Enterprise Architecture, and that’s falling into an inward […]

13 years, 4 days ago

Challenges of Enterprise Architecture: A Focus on the Transformation!

Barriers for Enterprise Architecture When working with adaption of concepts and technology then the enterprises will face issues with to identify the proper solutions in the proper pace and adapt the solutions to the context that the enterprise is within. Likewise will the enterprise face the challenge of adoption. The adoption of the concept or […]

13 years, 4 days ago

Behold! The Gonkulator!

Pardon the Phineas and Ferb reference, but when I read this post from Chris Lockhart, I couldn’t help but think of Professor Doofenschmirtz and his inventions. I really liked this post from Chris and how it emphasizes understanding the nature of the problem at hand. I’ve had first hand experience at more than one company […]