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Accelerating Business and IT Transformation

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In our work with more than 200 organizations, we’ve found two groups of customers: Those who previously tried to create an Enterprise Architecture (EA) function but failed, and those who knew they needed a successful EA function to transform their businesses but didn’t know exactly where to start. This blog is aimed at helping both audiences. If you’re reading this, you know that EA is more than just a pretty model linking impossibly neat business processes with IT components you think are there (or at least were there the last time you checked.) A true EA enables strategic IT decision-making by providing a real-time view of the people, processes, technologies and projects within IT and how they affect the business. This helps business and IT managers find efficiencies, plan for the future, identify and eliminate barriers to change, reduce risk and better understand which IT assets and projects deserve the most attention and funding.

You also know that in today’s world, an EA must start delivering value in months, not years. This is especially true since Gartner reports that companies with mature architectures can allocate 28% more budget to transformation and 20% less to IT operations than those without them.

At Troux, we’ve developed an industry-leading toolset of EA software, know-how, partners and an active practitioner community that is helping companies around the world achieve such results. In this blog we’ll discuss those tools, but only as they help you implement practical, field-proven approaches, actionable plans and best practices based on real-world lessons. We’ll also discuss the evolution of EA as strategic IT planning comes of age and takes its proper place at the corporate decision-making table.

With each post, we promise to stay focused on helping your EA and strategic IT planning efforts deliver transformational business value early and often. And, of course, we look forward to hearing your insights, experiences and comments from the trenches.

Welcome to the journey and, again, tell us how this blog can be of greatest value to you. We’ve already got a bunch of topics lined up, but will be more than happy to let you jump in if you contact us here…