14 years, 1 month ago

EA Summit Las Vegas – Day One

Link: http://blogs.gartner.com/brian_burke/2010/04/15/ea-summit-las-vegas-day-one/

The EA Summit in Vegas kicked off yesterday with a great presentation from Gartner analyst Nick Gall who introduced Hybrid Thinking.  Nick posits that enterprise architects need a new paradigm to deal with wicked problems and has taken some of the best ideas from the Design Thinking approach and applied them to EA.

Several tweeters commented that Gartner’s EA definition should be able to fit into a tweet – and I think they are on to something.  I’ll introduce that challenge to Gartner’s EA research community.

Gary Hamel delivered a great talk on innovation and how companies will need to decentralize authority and build from the bottom up.  One tweeter remarked their favorite quote from Gary Hamel’s talk was “When you get back to work tell your boss your company has a love deficit.” 

Overall the buzz was great, the solution showcase floor was packed for the evening reception and even the food at lunch was pretty good!  I’m looking forward to day two – starting in about 30 minutes!  Follow the commentary on Twitter – hashtag #GartnerEA.