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CAEAP EA Professional Practice Guide Abstract Now Available

Link: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/TechnologyArchitectureProjects/~3/nYOW5M5AK6s/caeap-ea-professional-practice-guide-abstract-now-available.html

I am pleased to announce to my readers that the Center for the Advancement of Enterprise Architecture as a Profession (CAEAP) has released the Abstract for the first edition of the CAEAP Professional Practice Guide (PPG). I have been a member of CAEAP since the summer of 2009 and work on this project (as a volunteer) as program/project manager and as a co-author.

CAEAP is concerned with enterprise architecture as a practice and profession, not as a discipline (although the latter certainly influences the former). As such, you will see little to no discussion in the PPG Abstract about frameworks, lots of IT-centricity, security, etc., but material geared to how enterprise architects are trained, certified, and grow their practices; and how organizations and standards bodies become accredited; among other topics that should be very interesting to the profession.

I am honored to have worked with the fantastic group of people that banded together to produce this work, and am looking forward to continuing with them to turn the Abstract into the complete first edition of the PPG in the near future. The names of these fine professionals can be found in the 'Acknowledgments' page of the PPG Abstract.

You can download your copy of the PPG Abstract here. If you are interested in CAEAP and its activities, you can find that information on the CAEAP website. After reviewing the material, I would appreciate any comments or questions you may have, and you can post them as comments here, send me an e-mail, or post/send them via the CAEAP website.

Thanks again to the CAEAP leadership for giving me the wonderful opportunity to work with some excellent practitioners on this effort, and to the team for persevering and getting this fine work out to the community of EA practitioners!

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