13 years, 10 months ago

Some of the Things EA’s Can Focus On

I was just thinking a bit about some of the tasks that an EA can “time slice” between to help ensure success.  So, this is just some thinking-out-loud thoughts I had:

  • Make a list of contacts in your organization that you have not spent time with, but that could be helpful in the ongoing planning and implementation of your EA.  Then go visit with them and see if there are some areas to engage with them.  Get out of your normal interaction comfort box.
  • Tally the guiding principles that you may have laid our and link each one to one or more success.  This can be considered as part of EA governance, but can also help test to see which principles have been fruitful.
  • Make a list of some major themes, such as consolidation / virtualization / rationalization / service reuse and see if these are being applied and if they are successful.  If they are not being applied, find out why and if these approaches would better enable some key business strategies.
  • Have you met with the implementation folks to check in and see how the technical roll out of the EA is proceeding?  Are there some lessons you can glean that can steer your understanding of an idealized EA vs. some of the practical realities?
  • Have you read any good EA books lately?  I recommend Enterprise Architecture As Strategy, which is an important foundation for Oracles Enterprise Architecture Framework (OEAF).

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Enterprise Architecture As Strategy- Creating a Foundation for Business Execution


Anyway, those are just some thoughts I had.