13 years, 10 months ago

Enterprise Architecture vs. Service Oriented Architecture


I am in the middle of reading two books on EA, including the TOGAF 9 specification.  The other book, the one shown below, is proving to be an interesting and very useful read for anyone who wants to get some ideas about how to map EA and SOA.  I will do a full “book report” in a week or two when I am done.

EA and SOA are, at this point, inextricably intertwined.  Rick correctly points out that SOA is the only software development approach that, when done correctly, links conceptual (and corresponding physical) artifacts directly to the business vision/strategy.  Thus, SOA is a linked subset architecture of the overarching Enterprise Architecture.

It is a very well written book and the author, Rick Sweeney, makes some very good points.

Here is the byline of his blog (SOA is the way Blog):

This blog is dedicated to the promotion and advancement of the Service Oriented Architecture approach to business systems design. The purpose of the site is to provide a forum where people like myself who believe that SOA is the next baseline of the business application evolution can share and express ideas and help advance the institutionalization of SOA throughout the business domain. Welcome and thank you for helping to advance the cause.

I am far enough in the book to recommend it, even though there are a few small things I would debate about.  None the less, for anyone who wants some information and viewpoints on how SOA and EA work together, this is a book to get.  I am actually reading it on my iPad from Kindle 😉