13 years, 9 months ago

Enterprise Architecture Summer Camp: Preparing for Week 31.

Link: http://coherencyarchitect.com/2010/07/29/enterprise-architecture-summer-camp-preparing-for-week-31/


In week 31 I will be attending the summer school dealing with Enterprise Architecture, Enterprise 2.0, Government 2.0 and organizational development. The summer school is a part of the IT University’s approach to developing an elite program dealing Enterprise Architecture and Coherency Management.

The summer school will be taking place in Sweden (about a 12 hour drive from the southern part of Sweden) in a ski resort located near of the Norwegian border. The summer school has been sponsored by companies like Accenture, Qualiware and not to mention Gotze Consulting (a company owned by John Gotze).


I plan to make use of the time up there to write some notes on the topic of Enterprise 2.0, Coherency Management and Government 2.0 and write on a couple of new blog posts for the CoherencyArchitect.com . I plan also to be working with a presentation of some of the findings that have been working with in one of the literature reviews I have made during the summer holiday. The literature review will be published in its full length when I have had the time to improve it and made it ready for publishing.


I plan to make vlogs (Video Blogs) up from the summer camp; however these will not be published while I am attending the summer camp (due to the cost of data roaming within the European Union).