13 years, 8 months ago

You Want Me To Run What?!

Thanks to the folks at OMG Business Ecology and especially Brenda Michelson, attendees at the inaugural “Optimization for Innovation” Conference in December will be treated to a very handy guide on how to manage organizations (and their buried messes) that executives inherit on a regular basis.  
Title:  “You Want Me To Run What?!” 
Change in the New Normal is different from the change we used to expect. Once upon a time change came from the outside. Now, quickly changing leadership has introduced a new stress on management and companies as they try to cope. Rarely will a director spend more than 2 years on a rotation with the same unit.  While this allows for a more rapid leadership development, it exposes day-to-day operations and in-flight improvement projects to elevated levels of risk, especially during transition periods.  It is no surprise that loss of stakeholder support has consistently been a top 5 reason for project failure.
Hence, the key question facing today’s business leaders is how to efficiently evaluate and understand the capabilities of their new organization to minimize these risks.  This session will provide a foundation for constructing and evaluating capability portfolios to both optimize ongoing business operations and minimize the exposure during transition periods.  This management approach will equip the audience with a method to produce an actionable and measurable 30/60/90 day plan they can implement within their organizations.
What the attendees will learn:
1.  Why capabilities?
2.  Quantifying capability risk
3.  Using capability-based approach to quickly assess a new unit
4.  Scaling capability-based assessment from single team to entire organizations
Target Audience:
C-Level Executives, their directors, and Profit and Loss owners.
We will see you in Santa Clara!