13 years, 8 months ago

Will Business Architecture Replace EPfMO?

Original question was precipitated by an exchange with Brian Sondergaard (@bsodberg):
aleksb6 hmm.. if #bizarch’s major responsibility is to manage the org’s biz operating model(s), is bizarch next evolution of change mgmt? #entarch 
bsonderg @aleksb6 if you’re conducting a poll… “Yes”
aleksb6 @bsonderg not a poll, per se, but… there’s an assumption that #bizarch and #pfmo must work together; what if #bizarch replaces #pfmo? #cio
Our assumption at SenseAgility has been an emphatic “No, they should work together inside of a strategic planning office, e.g. Office of the CIO.”  This is a view espoused by a lot of people in the EA community (including, now, Gartner EA analysts), so it’s not exactly controversial:

pallega @aleksb6 #pfmo is a consumer of #entarch. They’re richer together. #bizarch is a viewpoint of #entarch http://tinyurl.com/35j5amm #cio

aleksb6 @pallega #entarch and #pfmo as pillars of ofc of #cio/#ceo has been our assumption too; but there’s enough crossover to question that

pallega @aleksb6 #pfmo, #pmo, #governance, #metrics, #finance & more are richer when consuming EA advice – does the #cio see it that way? Not always

But what if we’re wrong?  One of the things I alluded to in my twittersation with Phil is that there is a significant crossover between the capabilities of Business Architecture and Portfolio Management.  For one, both must produce a roadmap.  They are both trying to achieve Business/IT Alignment.  They both have a vested interest in the organizations standard planning and delivery methods.  And both have a vested interest in collection and measurement of metrics from both operations and projects.  There is plenty of potential for friction between the two organizations – they both play in the same arena, yet often report to different people.  So, should there be two separate organizations, or will Business Architecture replace Enterprise Portfolio Management in its current form?