13 years, 8 months ago

An Apple…err….Android a day!

Link: http://eamitabh.blogspot.com/2010/09/appleerrandroid-day.html

So what we long suspected is now official – Google’s Android is projected to overtake it’s more popular rivals iPhone and Blackberry in coming years. There are more and more exciting phones being launched using Google’s platform – see for instance the new Motorola Defy launch Also clearly Android is proving popular platform for Smart Phone market per latest reports.

The above story appears even more remarkable on the background of Android fragmentation. As a latest trade report suggests, with the rapid fire release of new Android versions in the past year, the platform has become fragmented, causing frustration among developers and users – only aggravated by many operators’ slow response to support new iterations. However, Google does appear to be streamlining the process and reducing the problem somewhat, and is promising more unification with the third generation of its OS.

But do expect Apple to respond as only it can. It has already relaxed its guidelines for its app developers in an attempt to stay ahead in the increasingly competitive smartphone market. The company said it is making changes to its iOS Developer Program licence, based on feedback from app developers who said the conditions were too restrictive.

However the real battle lines will be drawn in the lucrative and Greenfield tablet market than the mobile market. We have already seen the first competitors for Apple’s iPad with Samsung launching it’s Android based Galaxy The Galaxy Tab will boast a 7-inch display, run Android 2.2 and take on Apple’s iPad directly. When the device launches at some point in the future, Apple will need to worry. Samsung is successful in the mobile market. And with a viable touch-screen tablet coming, it could give Apple a run for its money. An interesting analysis reveals that, it might seem like Apple’s iPad is leading the tablet space, but it’s not true. With Google, Samsung and others now competing for space, it’s far from decided.