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Mind Manager – Map markers

Link: http://enectoux.wordpress.com/2010/11/29/mind-manager-map-markers/

Map markers are powerful tools that help you to structure your maps. They become very useful especially when maps are growing and when you let your mind work non-linearly. (see post: non-linear thinking)

There are 2 categories of markers. What is called “single icons” and the ones which are group together (and mutually exclusive). The mutually exclusive markers are useful when you want to switch from one marker to another one quickly (e.g: status OK / NOK)

General tips for markers:

  • Always name your map markers.
  • Use map markers library (template) to gain time on next maps.
  • In case of regular use of the same map pattern, create a map template (taking care of including the revelant map mappers. (coming post describing map template creation)


Markers are very useful when your maps start to become too complex (lot of topics). They are a very powerful way to filter your maps through different views. In addition, Mindjet Mind Manager is allowing you to have many map makers on the same topics, which is giving you the possibility to have different filtering criteria on the same topic.
My advice regarding map makers, use it as much as you can. Last tip, if your map starts to have too much map makers on the same topic, it might means that you are willing to put too much ideas / concepts on that specific map. Do not hesitate to duplicate and clean the map.

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