13 years, 6 months ago

Aggregated EA wisdom

I have launched a new service called EA Blogs, which is a thematic aggregator of enterprise architecture blog feeds. A ‘planet‘, or as Dave Winer would call it, a river. Or whatever. The EA Blogs engine fetches new blog entries from around 20 enterprise architects within an hour after they are published, indexes them, and shows them to the visitor. Simple, but nice to have, if you are interested in what is happening in the EA community. I apologize in advance to those EA bloggers, I have not approached and asked for permission to include your feed; just let me know.

EA Blogs puts everything in a database, which already contains over 160.000 words. Of wisdom. Use the site’s features to find your way around all these. Although the search function could be improved, it is fairly useful.

EA Blogs is designed to work good on an iPad, which is where I use it. It should however also work good in both the standard browser version and the smartphone/mobile version (which uses WPTouch). I am still new to the iPad, both as a user and a developer. Found these useful: The iPad Web Design & Development ToolboxDesigning for iPad 0Reality CheckDesigning Web Apps for the iPad, and Online iPhone icon maker. Would love feedback from both users and developers. I am considering beefing up the iPad support – should I upgrade to  WPTouch Pro 2.1 or use Padpressed? Any experiences?


So I got WPTouch Pro 2.1. I haven’t made it live, but have tested it and found I have several issues with it on my iPad. First, it’s really nice, I have to say. However, I used it a specific use case, which proved to be somewhat problematic, and not ‘fit’ the way WPTouch works. Something with Pages, Menus and how landscape view works. Guess I have to ask in the support forums. It is still quite new there with the iPad support, it seems.