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Architecture and Governance Magazine Content Open

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Congratulations to both George Paras and the rest of the Architecture & Governance Magazine team and authors for putting out a great publication with 175 articles over the past five years.

There are three pieces of news here. The most exciting is that the Architecture & Governance Magazine announced that they decided to share access to their rich content. That is a total 175 articles published in the last five years that will be open so that you can access, search, and share that content on the web. Beginning in January, only the latest, most recent publication content will require that you be an A&G subscriber to access it.

The second is for a limited time, you can still get a complimentary download of Gartner’s 2010 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Architecture Tools report. Written by Julie Short and Chris Wilson, the latest Magic Quadrant provides an up-to-date and broad coverage of currently available EA software. To get your copy, please visit http://www.troux.com/gartner

Third, today the Architecture & Governance Magazine publication released the latest edition. Here is the latest Architecture & Governance Magazine issue: http://architectureandgovernance.com/content/ag-magazine-volume-6-issue-6.
Featured in the January 2011 publication:
Getting Started with Enterprise Business Architecture
by Tim Westbrock, a leading authority on IT leadership, enterprise architecture, enterprise portfolio management, governance, and organizational issues related to enterprise level planning.
Many enterprise architecture (EA) groups struggle with affecting change in the ongoing activities and existing project portfolio that demonstrably moves the enterprise toward the future state business strategy. One of the reasons is a lack of understanding of business strategy, process, information, and operations from the perspective of business executives. Some EA groups are beginning to overcome this challenge with the help of an enterprise business architecture effort, with active participation from business professionals.
The Evolving Definition of Risk- Is Risk Riskier Than Ever?
by Luis Ramos, the chief executive officer of The Network, a leading provider of governance, risk, and compliance solutions
Risk is an inherent part of an organization’s life cycle. It is found within all departments, at all stages of growth, and is a factor for all employees, regardless of position or generation. In the changing global environment, it can be difficult for companies to internally monitor risk and establish appropriate levels of governance. As compliance guidelines change and as the complexity of communicating and managing investments grows, it is increasingly challenging for organizations to stay ahead of the curve and effectively manage risks. These risks take form in many different situations and mediums, including social media and international compliance implications.
How to Initiate an Enterprise Architecture Effort in an Austere Environment
by Ruth Burgess, a program manager for IT strategic planning projects at Morgan Franklin and John Forte, a program manager for national command programs at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
Imagine yourself driving but not knowing where you are going, why you are going there, or how much it is going to cost. Taking a vacation in this manner may not result in the desired outcome. To ensure that your vacation is successful, many factors need to be considered first, such as desired goals and budget limits. Like planning a personal vacation, the federal government and Department of Defense (DoD) must strategically plan their business services, operations, and information systems to achieve their end goals. 

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