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Latest IASA Perspectives Magazine Published

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Looks like today is the day to release Enterprise Architecture Magazine editions. Paul Preiss, IASA founder and president announced the new IASA Perspectives Fall 2010 Edition. I haven’t read it yet but it looks interesting.

Request: One request I would have for both A&G and IASA is to provide an .ePub version of their publications. PDF’s are nice for my PC but I usually read these when I am mobile or lounging and it would be fantastic to use this on my iPad. Let’s say this, it would greatly increase your (publication authors) chances of me reading the content.

Content in this Edition

Foreword By Paul Preiss
Leveraging Architecture to Drive Optimization Within the enterprise it Landscape By Sanjay Agara
Using cArMA Analysis to communicate the value of enterprise technology Architecture Designs By Dr. George W. Anderson
Architecture exegesis 15    the value of Quality in Design When replacing Legacy systems
By Andrea Cifor
The value of enterprise Architecture By Adrian Grigoriu
Architecting for the cloud: A Practical example (including the Knurly Bits) By Rob Linton
Why Are We really Here Anyway? A simple Approach to the Most important Planning Activity By Tom Philbin
About iAsA: iAsA Board of education By Dr. Miriam Grace


You can find the new IASA Perspectives Magazine at:



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