13 years, 5 months ago

The Final Keynote…

This week, I gave my last keynote speech as Chief Architect in the Ministry of Finance on enterprise architecture and strategy.  As already revealed on Twitter and Facebook, I am taking a leave of absence from the public sector to assist Accenture in the establishment of an EA-practice inside their IT Strategy & Transformation group here in Copenhagen – starting February 7th…

Doing The Right Things Right
My primary message in the keynote address was that EA must both make IT Strategies more robust and guide IT organizations towards successful delivery.  EA is not just complex diagrams and terminology that only enterprise architects understand.  Viable IT strategies must be underpinned by sound EA-thinking – and successful IT-portfolio delivery must be underpinned by sound EA-thinking.

Since the publication of a white paper on EA by the National IT and Telecom Agency in 2003, Denmark has been a leader in the design of national EA-programs.  But, as in many other EA-programs in private and public organizations, the implementation has often been too technically focused.  As also noted in my PhD dissertation, many public EA programs spend far too much time and energy selecting and populating technical EA frameworks.

By focusing on our own unique context, we must instead secure management support for our EA programs by supporting the strategic agenda with robust EA-frameworks.  The goal must not be to slavishly populate standard frameworks and follow rigid EA-methods.  EA must support solution design by interlocking the language and work products of EA with those of solution design.

We must improve our ability to define our own ‘light weight’ EA-frameworks that meet the needs of the business, work within the existing IT environment and contribute towards the realisation of the enterprise’s IT strategy.  EA programs must proactively be customized to a specific context if success is to be achieved – and help the business do the right things right.

The final keynote can be found at www.modernisering.dk (in Danish).

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