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India Travel Diary – Infosys Rejig, World's Biggest Citizen DB, Expedia Arrival

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I have taken a break of couple of weeks and currently traveling through India. This does not mean that I take a break from my Social Media activities though and I will continue to blog, twitt, poke and link as much as my travels allow. Besides travels in this fascinating country mean more things to post, talk and write about as there is simply so much going on at any one point of time. So here we go…over to some unusual but relevant posts staying true to the theme of this blog…..
Infosys plans Rejig – software major Infosys is working on a massive re-organisation, a move that will make the company more agile and help it service clients faster. The changes in the existing structure could be announced when the company comes out with its annual results in April. CLSA report says it’s likely that Infosys will consolidate industry verticals and select service lines. Geography-wise, sales force in Europe could get aligned based on countries rather than verticals. There could also be consolidation of delivery manpower. Read original story in ET
World’s Biggest Citizen Database – The Aadhaar identification number, which will be issued to every resident, will link to the demographic and biometric information of an individual in a central database. To verify their identity, individuals can provide their Aadhaar number, which would be authenticated by the central database in a few seconds. This is a world first: a unique identification number that enables a person to verify themselves in real-time, and anywhere within a nation’s boundaries.Read original story in FT
India Bitten by the Travel Bug – Expedia Inc., the largest online travel company in the world, is formally launching in India with a multimedia ad campaign taglined “Big Daddy of Online Travel”. But it has been here for the last two years, understanding the Indian market. A syndicated study it conducted to understand the Indian consumer has thrown up an interesting emerging segmentation of online Indian holiday travel consumers. Read original story in HT
Finally I would like to conclude this post with this thought from Nandan Nilekani which very much sums up my current experience as I am traveling through India. “These days, when I travel across India, I come across an increasingly ubiquitous sight. Across cities, cranes tower over highways that are under construction, and skeletons of new buildings are visible across the urban skyline. In rural India, roads are being laid to connect people to urban centres and markets. The surge of infrastructure investment has made the noise of construction a familiar sound across the country. As music to usher in the new year, it feels appropriate. In the next decade, India is going to be building many institutions from the ground up. The result could be a powerful new blueprint for growth.” Nandan is writing in the FT
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