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TOGAF® Trademark Success

Link: http://blog.opengroup.org/2011/02/08/togaf%C2%AE-trademark-success/

By Garry Doherty, The Open Group

I’d like to take note of two major milestones have happened for The Open Group recently: TOGAF® became a registered trademark, and TOGAF® certifications passed 15,200. Both of these achievements signify the growing importance of open standards to organizations their stakeholders, and even their employees, and also underscores the value to be gained from trusted, globally accepted standards.

These validations of the growth of TOGAF® and the value of the TOGAF® brand have come during one of the most turbulent economic times in recent memory. As organizations have struggled financially, they have been forced to look at their organizational and business models and determine where they could cut spending dramatically. Obviously IT budgets were a large part of those evaluations.

Open standards, such as TOGAF®, can help organizations better manage difficult times by providing a framework that allows enterprise architects to help their companies save money, maintain and enhance profitability and improve efficiencies. TOGAF®’s tremendous growth over the past few years is a testament to not only how much open enterprise architecture frameworks are needed within organizations today, but also to how certifications like TOGAF® can help professionals differentiate themselves and remain secure in their employment when staff cutting is rampant throughout most industries.

As with The Open Group’s stewardship of the registered trademark for UNIX®, we’ve successfully steered TOGAF® to a position of global significance using our breadth of experience in the development of open standards to reach 83 countries worldwide, from Afghanistan to Vietnam. TOGAF® is currently available in English, Chinese and Japanese with pocket guides available in Chinese, Dutch, French and German.

The Open Group is working hard to ensure that open standards are in place that organizations can rely on. Our pedigree reflects over 20 years of developing successful global standards such as TOGAF®, UNIX, LDAP and WAP, using member organizations to enhance them and collect best practices for developing them along the way.

So, congratulations all of the individuals and organizations within The Open Group and The Open Group Architecture Forum for making TOGAF® such a success and making it a globally recognized, registered brand trademark. We look forward to the future of TOGAF® and many more milestones to come!

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Garry DohertyGarry Doherty is an experienced product marketer and product manager with a background in the IT and telecommunications industries. Garry is the TOGAF® Product Manager and theArchiMate® Forum Director at The Open Group. Garry is based in the U.K.