13 years, 5 months ago

Communication is Key for Enterprise Architects

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Combined with reading some of the latest news in EA and having spent a full week with many architects at an internal Microsoft event called TechReady, I decided to share a seemly relevant topic of concern for architects, communication. I’m pulling areas of a deck from a recent speaking engagement in which I talk about the future of the role of an architect.

At the event I talked to an infrastructure architect that has aspirations of becoming an enterprise architect. He mentioned a few successes and a few trials. The problem was he seemed to be stuck in a rut in the organization. He felt he wasn’t as relevant as he could be. And he was right. He was an extremely intelligent and competent architect, I could see that within a five minute conversation.

There was a problem though. The communication he felt most comfortable with was that of talking about infrastructure. His conversations were grounded in that level of depth.

So why is that a problem? He’s a smart guy. He can solve lots of problems. Isn’t infrastructure everywhere? So why isn’t it a relevant topic or depth to speak at?

It’s story time!

So imagine you are in a big meeting with a variety of different stakeholders on the big cloud project. You have people from the marketing department, LOB stakeholders, business analysts and executive stakeholders. Let’s take a step back and look in the mirror to see what our customer could see and hear if architects communicate with such technical depth.