13 years, 4 months ago

Enterprise Architecture is Misplaced and Other News from MIT Research

Several interesting points that deserve their own blog posts, so this is just a conversation starter:

– EA should not be inside of IT, and it’s usual placement hampers both IT and its effectiveness.
– EA maturity is directly related to organizational performance, and can be built in discrete stages.
– Overall IT Budget increases by a factor of 50% in organizations that are in Stage 4 (Business Modularity) and business leaders love that because they get more per use and time to market increases that give them competitive advantage.
– One of the determining factors of EA-lead transformation success is stability in the executive ranks (yes, my presentation on this coming in a month, so stay tuned)
– Strategic Agility has a dependency on evidence-based management culture.  This culture cannot be built overnight, nor can it come from natural evolution.  It has to be enabled from both top and middle.
– There are three (3) key requirements to work smarter: Operational Intelligence Backbone (Competing on Analytics), Business Rules Management (BRM), and Organizational Development.
– Align business activities with IT – not IT with the business activities.  Otherwise you’re trying to align the most static strategies with to the most dynamic.  Create a core – and then align things to that core.

Please discuss!