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India Travel Diary 2011 – Concluding Impressions

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It is almost a week since I left balmy Bangalore of 25 Degrees and landed at Heathrow to be welcomed by 8 Degree and a few showers. As I settled into routine over the last week, I started to piece together sights, sounds, mental notes, observations. During this trip I travelled to three or four different cities, spoke with a number of friends, ex-colleagues, fellow travellers in journey, read newspapers, listened to radio, watched frantic paced news channels, picked up loads of books.  

Chaos or Order?
This is an amazing country alive and buzzing with opportunities, challenges, surprises, questions. It is chaotic and structured at the same time. Creative and mechanical at the same instance. Spiritual and methodical in the same breath. Sticking with the theme of this blog, sharing lessons from this growth engine of world economy; it’s thriving & growing domestic market; it’s private & commercial sector as I observe and interpret them.
Cheapest Car – Tata Nano
  • Innovation is and as part of life – Special dedicated Innovation programs may work for a few corporations but what works in India is Innovation which is embedded as part of work and personal life. It is essential for survival and for excellence in this large, educated and competitive work force.
  • Jugaad – Hindi language word (which I think soon will make to the Oxford Dictionary if not already) which literally means making stuff work by doing whatever it takes! Do not have official spare part to replace broken one? No problem. Fit any other branded or local brand or anything similar which keeps the machine going! (Check references from Business Week)
  • Work Hard – No space, time, place and luxury to hide in this game! Everyone at each working grade works hard and pulls their weight in equal measure to fit their own strengths, role, profiles, skills and experience.
  • Relationship Matters – Internal organisational or external with customer or with suppliers or with partners, what keeps things ticking over are relationships. Contract and deals work or fold. What stays true is relationship which goes beyond commercials and forms back bone of economy.
Thinking out of the Box?
  • Stick with Processes and Structures – They have been put in place for a reason so follow them. Besides any process and structure is as good as people following it. So why bother chopping and changing it?
  • Team always wins – It is a cliché but this really works, especially in distributed business and work models where Bangalore operations are crucial to keep the Boston, Berlin and Birmingham businesses ticking.
  • Keep Faith – No matter how bad things look, trust them to turn around sooner or later! Keep going with heads down and do right thing. Results will follow.

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