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A real example of the dangers of ‘EA’ not covering Enterprise Systems

I have a real example of the problems of IT-focused EA with a client. #entarch #bcdesign Their IT team are wrestling with the requirements to modify IT systems within the context of a very large business change programme. The problem is that there is a disconnect between the feature and function aspects of the IT change and the ende2end business process perspective of the change. The latter includes all the human ‘systems’ that must adopt the change. Without a holistic view it is impossible to know if the piecemeal changes planned within the IT space in fact are correct and, more worryingly, whether they might introduce unintended consequences. Moreover, the way ‘the business’ has specified the changes they want from  IT have tended to ignore ‘failure demand’ and are ‘happy path’ centric. There was once a time when an Industrial Engineering team might’ve picked up this joining-up of people, process and technology, ( although that tended to focus more on Six Simga than Adoption, Trust  and Value Systems)  but it seems these days this is left with the CIO to figure-out. So this leads me to support  Tom Graves’ PoV that EA should cover all aspects of business change because if it doesn’t I don’t know who will!  More about here: 


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